Godzilla! why have you forsaken us?


“I don’t mind the whale-song day and night it’s the droppings that piss me off!”

Migrating whales tend to make a bit of a mess on their annual sojourn across the country. Their sticky droppings are hell to clean off the washing and it does tend to smell rather rank.



Godzilla! why have you forsaken us? Attack of Zombie Buzz from the deep.

Buzz Lightyear has emerged from the deep, no longer one of Andy’s cherished toys, his size has increased while his caring nature has decreased leaving him zombie-like. The only thing that can save us now is Godzilla, but where has the irascible Kaiju gone?

This print of a re-mixed painting by Andy Heyward is printed on 300gsm card. It comes wrapped in plastic and has a cardboard backing card. This is supplied unframed. It is available as A3 (420x297mm) or A4 (210x297mm).

These prints are op-shop paintings that I have embellished with my own artwork. Check out my other prints and originals in the re-mix series.

Additional information

Dimensions 420 × 297 × 3 mm
Print size

A3 (420x297mm), A4 (210x297mm)